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Ms. Nuru A. Kalufya -

Ms. Nuru Kalufya is currently a Business Administration PhD candidate at the University of Dar es Salaam. She holds an MSc. Human Resource Management (Mzumbe University) and Advanced Diploma in Public Administration (Institute of Development Management, Mzumbe).

Ms. Nuru is skilled in Management, Human Resources, Analysis, Planning, and Scholarly Research. Nuru lecture in areas of Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior, Employment/Industrial Relations, Performance Management, Human Resource Information System and Strategic Management. She has researched in areas of human resource management, public administration, education, health, governance, sustainable development goals and oil and gas management


The Office will be led by the registrar and will perform the following functions:          

  • Overseeing students admission and examinations processes;
  • Liaising with departments on matters of admission and registration of students;
  • Overseeing updating and production of academic Almanac and annual Prospectus;
  • Providing assistance to the Deputy Rector Academic, Research and Consultancy for general administration of   academic affairs;
  • Processing administrative matters relating to the functions of academic departments, and examination  committees’ functions;
  • Keeping record of teaching staff establishment;
  • Ensuring and handling of academic awards;
  • Assisting in processing appointments, promotions, confirmations and termination of academic staff;
  • Overseeing processing of applications, selection and admission of students;
  • In-charge of students orientation programmes;
  • Advising the Deputy Rector ARC on all matters related to function of the office of Registrar.

Admissions Office

Admission Regulations

    Bachelor Degree Admission Regulations

    Ordinary Diploma Admission Regulations

    Masters Programme Admission Regulations

    Professional Courses

Financial Requirements

   General Information Finance

    Ordinary Diploma Fee Structure 2017/2018

    Bachelor Degree Fee Structure 2017/2018

     Post Graduate Diploma Fee Structure For 2017/2018

    Masters Degree Fee Structure For 2017/2018

    Other Costs For 2017/2018

Application Procedure

    Ordinary Diploma Through Direct Entry

    Bachelor Degree Through Direct Entry

    Masters and Postgraduate Diploma Direct Entry

 Examination Regulations

Examination Regulation

Examination administration is one of the crucial assignments performed by the institute in order to ensure that quality graduates are produced. In this vein, the institute has developed examination regulations in order to guide the whole process of administaring both coursework and semester examinations. Among others, the examination regulations cover a code of conduct for invigilators, internal examiners, external moderators and students. 

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