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Information and Communication Tech-nology (ICT) is increasingly taking a lead in both Administrative and Academic activities. As ICT is at the centre of everyday business undertakings and func-tions, the ISW has expanded and integrated the use of ICT in all its programmes and activities. With the support of the board, the Institute has established an E-Learning library which enables information users to access the internet at a speed of 8Mbps. All ISW computers are connected to the E-Learning Library using LAN and WLAN. Moreover, staff e-mail portals have been established. The increase use of ICT has reduced communication barriers and curbed the high consumption of paper. It has also improved learning and communication with students through the application of a new learning management system called elimufirst. Presently, the ISW has established a combined electronic student’s registration account-ing system.


  • Admission Requirements and Registration Documents

    During registration every student must produce the following documents:

    (i) Joining instructions letter

    (ii) A dully filled in acceptance form to abide by the institute's rules and regulations;

    (iii) A dully filled in medical examination form

    (iv) All the original receipts/pay-in slips of the money paid to the institute through the bank

    (v) Original certificates, academic transcripts and provisional statements of results

    (vi) Birth certificate/affidavit (vii) Three (3) passport size photographs

  • Admission Application

  • New fee structure


Collaborations with ISW

The local and international partnerships benefit the Institute in terms of expanding its programmes.

Some of those partnerships with ISW are:-

ISW hostel

The Institute is offering accommodation facilities on campus. In granting accommodation, priority is given to foreign students, up country students and those with disabilities. The Dean of Student’s office ensures that occupants of the halls adhere to accommodation rules, regulations and directives.readmore

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