Lecturer in Social Work and Social Protection at the Institute of Social Work, MoHSW, Dar-es-Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania.
Mr Babili is a qualified Social Worker-cum-sociologist and has worked for 17 years as a social work practitioner, community based development facilitator and a Social Health and Environmental Assessment consultant in the local and international Humanitarian-Support and Social development integrated programmes in Tanzanian urban and rural regions. In addition, he has been working in a variety of training programs with allied health-care practitioners and local authorities for building livelihood support skills to the vulnerable children and young persons and their families. He has a 7 years hands – on experience in teaching and working with undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Institute of Social Work (ISW), Open University of Tanzania (OUT) and Zanzibar University (ZU).
Currently, Mr. Babili is the facilitator and coordinator of REPSSI-Certificate programme; Module 3-Child and Youth Development for Community based work with Children and Youth programme in Tanzania. This is a training project undertaken by academic colleagues from Social Work Department (ISW) and REPSSI KwaZulu natal University in Durban, South Africa. Also, he is a member of the facilitation team in the Department of Social Work for a training program of Parenting Skills and Healing Families project in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Child Protection Technical team from DSW (MoHSW). Furthermore, Mr. Babili was involved in the ISW research project in 2014-2015 to investigate the Lived Experiences of Most Vulnerable Children in their Quest for Primary School Education Attainment in Tanzania. This research project was pioneered by Dr. N.B.Ng’ondi and Dr.A. Mvungi, both from Department of Social Work. Presently, Mr. Babili is working on a research study for PhD program that attempts to assess the effectiveness of Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders and survivors in the existing Juvenile justice system in Tanzania. The research project is undertaken with a view to develop a social ecological model or tool that will enhance and sustain rehabilitation skills of local authorities and professional actors towards desirable behavioral change of children and young persons-in-conflict with the laws.

Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.
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