Ag. Rector: Dr. Zena Mnasi Mabeyo

Dr. Zena Mnasi Mabeyo is a holder of PhD in Psychology. She pursued her Doctorate studies in the Alpen- Andria University at Klagenfurt, Austria. She is also a holder of a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management with a specialization in Public Administration from the then Institute of Development Management, Mzumbe Tanzania. She did her undergraduate studies leading to the Award of an Advanced Diploma in Social Work at the Institute of Social Work.

Dr. Zena has attained a Diploma of Gender Mainstreaming in the Word of Work that was awarded (on-line) by the ILO International Training Centre, Turin - Geneva. She equally pursued a Supplementary/ advanced standing Diploma in Psychology at the Alpen Andria University in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Dr. Zena has a long term and rich experience in teaching, research and consultancies in areas social work, ageing, human resources management, social and public policy, gender and psychology. She has vast leadership experience. Also prior to her doctorate studies, had been the head of the faculty of Social Work and Links and Partnerships both of the Institute of Social Work. She is the national Chairperson of the Tanzania Social Workers Association with effect from October 2013.

Dr. Zena is the country coordinator of the International Partnership Program for Promotion of Professional Social Work in Tanzania (PROSOWO). One of her outstanding professional contribution is that she is leading a country study to assess the role of Social work profession in Poverty reduction and the realization of Millennium Development Goals whose findings shall expose the state of social work professional training and practice in Tanzania in responding to the contemporary problems and challenges. Dr. Zena is a member of the Tanzania Social Workers Association and an accredited trainer by NACTE. She serves as a guest/visiting lecturer at Carinthia University of Applied Social Sciences, School of Social Work, Austria.