All students are supposed to read below instructions regarding registration information.


Both new and continuing students shall be required to register online in the Institute Students Registration System for modules to be studied in the respective semesters.

The deadline for registration of first year students shall be one week after the orientation week. For continuing students, the registration duration shall be one week after the beginning of the respective semester.

No student shall be allowed to swap from evening to regular session and vice-versa or from one stream to another.

Registration Documents

Each  student  must produce the following documents du ring registration:

(i)      Joining instructions letter

(ii)    A duly filled acceptance form to abide by the Institute’s Rules and Regulations;

(iii)   A duly filled medical examination form

(iv)   Original receipts/pay-in slips of the money paid to the Institute through the Bank

(v)    Original certificates, academic transcripts and valid result slips

(vi)   Birth certificate /affidavit

(vii)  Three (3) passport size photographs

Module Registration

Candidates shall be required to register for each module, within two weeks, after the commencement of each semester in their respective departments.

Publishing Examination Results

  1. Provisional Examination results shall be published by the DR-ARC immediately after the approval of the Institute Examination Committee.
  2. The provisional examinations results shall be published on the Institute Academic Registration Information System (ARIS), or any other format as determined by the Institute.
  3. Each candidate shall access his/her published examination results by using his/her username and password.
  4. Where the results are published on ARIS they shall be accessible for a period of one (1) month from the date of publication.
  5. A candidate shall be responsible for maintaining an awareness of dates of normal, supplementary and re-take examinations.
  6. All problems relating to published examination results shall be reported to Head of Department within one (1) week from the date of publication. No case of negligence and irresponsibility on the part of the student shall be entertained.
  7. The results will be final after the approval of the Academic Committee of the    Board of Governors.
  8. Candidates shall be responsible for keeping updated of their academic performance.