Mr Mgawe holds a master’s degree in Development studies (M A Development Studies) from the university of Dar es Salaam; obtained in 2010 and a Bachelor of Arts with education (Hons) attained in 2007; both from the university of Dar es Salaam. He also holds a Masters degree in Social Work from The Open University of Tanzania.

Work experience

From March 2012 hitherto, Mr Mgawe works as Assistant Lecturer at the Institute of Social Work-Dar es Salaam; lecturing in Development Studies and Communication Skills. He also handles research and field work supervisory tasks for students.

Skills and knowledge

Mr Mgawe has multitude of skills such as skills in academic facilitation, curriculum designing, strategic plan designing, research and fieldwork supervision, data collection and analysis, field report writing, field work team leading, project designing, logical framework analysis, activity based budgeting, SPSS data analysis tool, action planning and project cycle management. His computer literacy is evident in Ms Word, Excel, Access, Power point and Internet browsing.

Independent research and Publication

Mr Mgawe managed to conduct a research titled “The History of Mpimbwe Traditions” This research provided facts which enabled him publish a book by Mkuki na Nyota Publishers in 2013.
He also conducted an independent research on the Socio-economic impact experienced by people living around Katavi national park in Mpanda district – Tanzania, where he used these findings to come up with a research backed article titled “Factors affecting bush meat consumption in the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem of Tanzania” in Collaboration with Prof Tim Caro and Prof Monique Bourgeohoff from University of California –Davis. The article was published by the Tropical Conservation Science

NAME :Peter Mgawe
Sex: Male
Nationality: Tanzanian
Contact: P.O.BOX 23241 Dar es Salaam Tel. +255 782-118031/0755-235431

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