Research and consultancy are among the three core activities of the Institute. However, these areas have not been given a deserving priority by the Institute. It is pertinent that capacity building programs are conducted to equip staff members with requisite research and consultancy skills. In tandem with this, ISW needs to put in place a comprehensive research and consultancy policy that will act as guideline to research and consultancy activities. Nevertheless, the recent formation of a research and consultancy unit (to grow latter into a directorate) is a step in the right direction.
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Consultancies from Institute of Social Work (ISW) are done from different department.


Through its academic staff, the department of Labour Studies offers consultancy services in areas of its professional competencies and the following is a summary of achievement in respect of consultancy works carried out by the Department staff:-

  • Zanzibar Project: Training 20 Tripartite Partners on Mediation and Arbitration. The Trainees were from Zanzibar Labour Commission, Zanzibar Trade Union Congress (ZATUC) and Zanzibar Employers Association (ZANEMA).
  • Child Labour Project: Training District Councils Officials on Child Labour.
  • TUCTA Project - Tanzania Labour College-Mbeya: Assessment Capacity to undertake long term training programmes.
  • CMA Project: Training Mediators and Arbitrators.

Contact Person:Dr, Joseph Pesa (Head of Department)
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