1. Students may be offered accommodation in the Institute hostel residence upon payment of the prescribed fee specified by relevant authorities of the Institute. Priority for the residence in the campus hostel shall be given to disabled students, foreign students, and 2 students’ Government representatives and such other categories of Students as Board of Governors shall determine from time to time.
  2. Occupants are not allowed to remove permanent fittings in the rooms and are responsible for the proper care of all property and any damage to or loss must be reported to the warden immediately.
  3. The occupants shall be required to sign for all property found in their room at the beginning of each semester and sign off at the end of a semester. The Occupants shall ensure that they sign off at the end of semester otherwise they will be charged for the property not handed in.
  4. Students shall be responsible to take good care of the rooms they occupy.They shall themselves be responsible for the general cleanliness and tidiness of the rooms.
  5. Cooking is not allowed in the Hostels. Cooking includes: frying, roasting, baking and boiling (except boiling water) by use of any source of energy.
  6. No electric devices other than reading lamps, table fan, electric iron, electric razor, electric hair dryer, electric kettle, radio, record player or video shall be used in students’ rooms or in any other unauthorized place or space.
  7. Students shall not interfere with or transfer furniture or fittings of any kind from any part of the Institute building without prior written permission from the office of the Dean of Students or Wardens of the Hostel as the case may be.
  8. Notwithstanding the generality of the above paragraph, any student wishing to install any additional furnishing in his/her room may do so subject to prior knowledge and written permission from the office of the Dean of Students.
  9. Electric lights must not be left burning during the daytime or when occupants are not in the room.
  10. Musical appliances and instruments, such as record players, radio set, video and other noise making instruments may be used provided that music shall not be played at noise Level that are a nuisance and annoyance to other students in the Hostel.
  11. For specific official students’ functions permission to extend music performance in specified places within the Institute may be granted by the Dean of Students until but not beyond midnight.
  12. A resident shall obey rules and instructions made in respect of Hostel of Residence and shall refrain from conducts which may bring discredit upon his/her hostel or is prejudicial to the welfare of other residents in the hostel such as drunken and disorderly conduct, over blasting music etc.
  13. No student shall be allowed to entertain visitors of either sex in his/her room beyond 12:00 midnight.
  14. Students shall not be allowed to live with any unauthorized person or fellow student in their rooms, including their children or other relatives.
  15. Students shall be expected to live peacefully with one another in their allocated rooms; if at all one student is found to be misbehaving towards his/her room-mate the misbehaving student may be ordered out of the room or may be given a probationary period of good behaviour of up to 10 weeks or one semester, whichever is the longer.
  16. All students shall be required to vacate the Hostel at the end of each semester when the Institute closes for vacation.
  17. Loss of Keys by students must be reported immediately to the Dean of Student’s or the Hostel Warden. The key will be replaced on payment of the cost of a new key or new lock by the student responsible for its loss or for its safe custody. Keys must be returned to the Warden at the end of each semester. Failure to do so shall involve the paying of full residential charges from the beginning of vacation to the time the key is returned, plus cost of replacement. Each key holder must ensure that he/she signs in the key book when the key is returned to the Dean of Student or Warden.
  18. Students who reside in the Institute’s hostels shall be obliged to pay accommodation fees specified by relevant Authority from time to time.
  19. Students utilizing the Institute catering system are required to observe cafeteria regulations. Failure to observe any of the following rules shall constitute a disciplinary offence.

    1. The kitchen shall be out of bounds to all students except for student leaders appointed to oversee cafeteria matters.
    2. Smoking is not allowed in the Cafeteria and other public places including the library, classrooms and at any other gathering of more than one person.
    3. Except with the permission of the catering superintendent or his deputy students may not take any equipment such as crockery, glasses, cutlery, etc from the cafeteria.
    4. Any criticism of or complaint about cafeteria service shall be made through students’ organization leaders to the catering superintendent through the Dean of Students.