The Rector is the Chief Executive of the Institute answerable to the Board of Governors for the general administration and management of the Institute. She is also the Secretary to the Board of Governors as well as the spokesperson of the Institute.


The Institute has two main directorates namely Directorate of Academics headed by the Deputy Rector – Academics, Research and Consultancy and the Directorate of Finance and Administration headed by the Deputy Rector – Planning, Finance and Administration. In each directorate there are various departments and units which are managed by heads of departments and coordinators as indicated in Table

Executive Officers/ Heads of Departments/Units and their responsibilities

Executive Officers
Dr. Zena Mnasi MabeyoActing Rector
Dr. Eventius MugabyusoActing Deputy Rector – Academics, Research and Consultancy
Dr. Saliel KanzaActing Deputy Rector – Planning, Finance and Administration
Heads of Departments and Units
William ManyamaHead, Social Work Department
Dr. Polycarp AfricanusHead, Labour Studies Department
Judith MsangiActing Head, Human Resource Management Department
Athumani SenzotaChief Accountant
Abigail KiweluCoordinator, Postgraduate Studies
Nuru KalufyaRegistrar
Joachim AnselimActing Chief Internal Auditor
Nicolaus MayungaLegal Officer
Palma WalterPlanning Officer
Benedict NkwaoPublic Relations Officer
Dustan HauleCoordinator, Situated Distance Learning and Institute Counselling Centre
Dr. Joseph PessaHead, Library Service Department
Riziki NyelloHead, Research and Consultancy Department
Leah OmariCoordinator Links and Cooperation
Andrew RandaDean of Students
Leah OmariHead, Quality Assurance Unit
Charles KajanaHuman Resource Manager
Head, Procurement Management Unit
Asya BakariCoordinator of ICT
Wahidi B. HamadHead of ICT - Academics
Head of Estate